About Us

Explainmygig.com was created to help website owners have an affordable solution to reach out to their customers via video. Unlike other sites, we do not charge thousands of dollars to create a video.

A Creative Team with Big Ideas

We work closely with our clients to develop engaging videos designed to market and convert.

Everyone wants to improve and expand their business. One of the best ways of doing that is by connecting with the people most important to you, your customers. The most effective way to do that online is with video. We may not have all the secrets to success, but when it comes to bringing your ideas to market in a clear and compelling way, we rock. At ExplainMyGig, we're dedicated to creating high-quality animation that entertains your audience, effectively communicates your ideas, and delivers incredible results. Best of all, we enjoy doing it so much that we offer some of the best quality for price around the web.

Whether you need to tell a story, explain an idea, or just promote your business or startup, we do it all. We've worked with companies across all industries so if you're trying to keep it professional, or you'd rather utilize creativity and humor, we've got you covered. At ExplainMyGig, we place the highest regard on team communication, and when you work with us you're one of us. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation so we can learn more about your business and find out how we can optimize your marketing efforts with a fully custom animated video.


Our Video Philosophy

1. Make it Personal

A huge focus in business is appealing to consumers on a personal level. This is the main reason the art of storytelling is so powerful. You don't connect visitors to your purpose by listing out a bunch of features of your product. You tell them why it works, why they want or need it, and why everyone else loves it. You give them examples of how it has benefits. You make it relatable by placing your service into their life scenario. You present a problem and how you offer a solution to that problem. You connect it to their needs, wishes, and emotions. Once they understand the reason and purpose behind what you do and why it will help them, then they are willing to sign up, learn more, and make a purchase. Video is a communication. You don't want your page visitors only projecting onto your page. You want to have a conversation and engage them.

2. Stay Focused

The overall goal of any explainer video is to distill your message into a central focus. What is the reason you are making a video and what do you want to accomplish for the people that are watching it? Too often individuals want to stuff as much content as they can into a single video when it's much smarter to stay true to your main points, spark that initial interest, and encourage them to learn more elsewhere on your site. Video is not an end all tool designed to replace other forms of content. Video is an excellent attraction and baiting tool to effectively illustrate your focal points and hook and funnel visitors into interacting with your site.

3. Spread and Share

We typically work with clients whose main need is to have a video on their website explaining their service or some aspect of it. However, any video is designed to function as way more than just a meet and greet when someone lands on your page. The power of video is in its ability to create and drive interaction on your website, throughout the rest of the Internet, and even in physical meetings. Successful marketing depends on putting your ideas in a place where other people can access them and realize their full potential.